Chris R

I'm just a regular guy. I mainly enjoy model ships and aircraft. I like all kinds of model kits. I am a member of IPMS Plastic Surgeons and a contributing member of Modeler's Alliance.

In 2005 I joined eBay. I was Wichita114. They got too big for their boots and I decided to take my business to a much more user-friendly platform. So far, Hobby Swap ROCKS!

In my spare time I master, mold, cast, construct and package model ships for sale under the TLAR Models banner. Sales of these kits help fund Sea N' Sky's ongoing efforts to serve American veterans.

TLAR Models kits originally and are now designed and produced with the experienced ship modeler in mind. A guy with left over P/E bits to populate the minutia of the vessel of his/her choice. An actual P/E fret would increase costs and be, perhaps, redundant to the advanced model ship maker.

I hate raising prices on TLAR Models kits, but it's pretty hard to swallow the recent 30%+ material cost increase. You might notice prices increased by 20% or less. I adjusted shipping costs to help ease the pain of runaway hobby inflation. I won't use cheaper materials. Quality for my customers is tantamount!

Thanks for looking in! I appreciate your business more than I can say here!

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Good Com w track #, pkg with care, would buy from again.


great deal fast delievery

Chris is a gentleman and a scholar, and his self-produced ironclads kit arrived quickly. Looks like it will be a fun one to put together. He even threw in a freebie!