1/700 Egyptian Fart Felucca sail boat Sails & Masts

Didja ever want to make a beautiful scale sailboat and not have to dick around with making all the masts and sails?! I know I did!

The Egyptian Felucca is the "warm up" for several other 1/700 sailing ship models from TLAR models.

I wanted to find the Egyptian Arabic script for "Breeze". I failed. This is actually the Egyptian Arabic script for "Fart". OOPS!

So was born the 1/700 scale "Fart Felucca". A Guy would think an accurate Egyptian Fart Felucca would be white on the outer surfaces and brown/wood in the middle. HA!

In all truth, I do not own the Hull. Henry Turner designed the 3D STL file for her. I cain't sell you the hull.

I do make the bowsprit, masts and sails for her. That being said, I will make these little Egyptian Nile River workhorses to order. I know the Egyptian Arabic scripts for "Burp", "Daddy", "Wind" and "Make a Sneeze".

Do I think you believe the Skippers of Nile river working boats spend the time or $$ to paint names on their sails since the time of of the Pharaohs? No, I truly do not. The script on the mainsail was mostly for the fun of it.

More serious ship modelers may opt for unmarked sails.

Your TLAR Models 1/700 Egyptian Fart Felucca masts and sails, with a resin waterline Felucca hull included as a bonus, will ship via USPS First Class service in the continental United States.

Condition: Brand New
Manufacturer SKU: Sail 1
Brand: TLAR
Scalemates Link: none
Recent Release or Vintage?: New Release

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