TLAR Models 1/700 PT Base Tents and Vehicle set #122C

The final installment of TLAR Models 1/700 PT Boat Base
accessories sets, run amok! This is the culmination of 9 months of research, development and just plain old model fun to bring such things to waterline-scale starved model makers that wish to buy from other Americans!

I intended this set to be a starting place for your 1/700 project. Making an entire island was not in my head! (So I didn’t!) A stretch of beach, some docks on pilings for your boats to tie up to, a little bit of jungle above the beach for structures, tents and trucks to populate, some deeper water for the pontoon drydock to operate and some landscape for the South Seas Comfort house, not too far from the base, for steely-eyed, deadly PT warriors to refresh and relax was my intention.

This is set is not the do-all and end-all for a busy South Pacific base. Lots of other vehicles, small vessels and structures are made by others. I had a bunch of ideas.

I kinda got carried away. ME?

Not every Man has to have every facet of a 1/700 Pacific PT Boat base. If YOU do, you have made a fine choice! I made everything I could imagine a guy might need to make a convincing model of such a forward Pacific base in World War II.

I added 6 more BRM 3D printed 1/700 Jeeps to each set.
PT Bases need more that one Jeep!

You only get your TLAR Models set after I am satisfied with the quality of the masters, molds and castings after I build and paint them. Thank you, at least one more time for your support and your business!

Look over the pictures closely! What you see is what I will ship! I don't ever fib for model $$. 3 pages of illustrated color instructions are included with this kit.

These are unpainted and unassembled resin castings.

As usual, Your new TLAR Models 1/700 PT Base accessory set will ship via USPS First Class Pkg service in the continental United States.

Recent Release or Vintage?: New Release
Condition: Brand New
Manufacturer SKU: 122C
Brand: TLAR
Scalemates Link: none

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