Legends & Lore 1/16 Scale "Play it Again, Sam" Resin Bust #007

Legends & Lore's #007 1/16 scale bust figure of an Icon of Casablanca. "Play it again, Sam". Can I use Humphrey Bogart's actual name? How about calling this piece "Rick Blaine"? No?!
(Good thing I didn't then. Pschwoo!)
Copyrights & licensing and respect to the intellectual property owners every time for me!

But that's who this Bust most certainly is! I did NOT make this. These came from VLS in 2006 right before Squadron bought the company.

I have a little experience with molding and resin casting.
Here are my impressions;

First, the sculpting is excellent. Jim Maddox did an amazing job on his Master. A cigarette and a glass of scotch would complete this nicely, except a Bust doesn't have any hands. OOPS!

Second, the castings are crisp and near flawless! It looks like the kit was cast in a 1-piece mold. No irritating mold dividing line to clean up, see?!
I looked this piece over closely and found NO flaws. Really a stellar casting job!

This Bust is carefully packed and will ship to it's new night club in a solid box, via USPS First Class Package service.

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