TLAR Models 1/700-1/350 Resin "Universal Hull" kit #1020

Ever get just “stuck”? Model Mojo just won't flow? Wheels of Creativity stalled, no matter how much "lubrication" you apply?
Well I do.
Every once in a while I just want to do something fun without caring about if the green is correct, or if the proper number of windows cross the stern.

Enter TLAR Models Universal Hull set!
The idea is to provide a 1/700 150-foot Hull or 75 feet in 1/350 scale with enough nautical parts to build an interesting model boat or ship using your imagination. I'm not even gonna write any instructions! Well, Not very many anyway.

“Universal Hull”? Well sort of. My friend and revered model ship builder called this “The Mr. Potato-head of Model Ship kits.” He summed up the purpose of this kit quite succinctly.

There is no wrong answer. No references. No “Expert” will be able to critique your build, claiming he saw that very vessel on YouTube or his Uncle served on that ship.

The only limiting factor is your imagination, ESPECIALLY if you don’t usually build a ship or boat model.

If you choose a sailing vessel I have a tutorial on how to make masts, yardarms, booms and bowsprits I will be thrilled to send you!

I had so many ideas, parts and other relevant (?) resin nautical bits kept getting added to the Universal Hull kit. It is NOT clear if that process is complete after just 2 years! Heaven alone knows.

A blown Hemi up aft, Zoomie pipes out the side of the hull, with the Trawler deckhouse? Underpants and socks flying from the mast?

“Mama says my new boat is too fast and noisy for Shrimpin’. That’s what Mama says……………”

I am NOT making the engine, blower or zoomie pipes!

(or am I? MUHHU HAHA Hahahaha! SOMEBODY stop me!!) These parts aren't included in this issue of the Universal Hull kit. OR MAYBE they are!

The kit includes 50+ nautical resin parts to create one 1/700 or 1/350 model ship or boat. Different sizes of p/e ships wheels, a 3D printed single 40mm cannon, "Flags of the Caribbean" decals, .020 and .015 copper rod for building masts, yardarms, booms and bowsprits.

Baffle IPMS contest judges! Amaze your friends! Build a majestic sailing ship and astound the Little Woman! Most of all have FUN!

Made right here in the good ol' United States, I will ship via USPS First Class package in the continental US.

Look over the pictures carefully! What they show is what you will be shipped. ONE Hull assembly is included.

Canadian and Overseas buyers: I have no IOSS registration. I can ship to you, but the taxes, VAT, duties, etc. are up to you to pay. Message me for a shipping quote!

Manufacturer SKU: 1020
Brand: TLAR
Scalemates Link: none
Recent Release or Vintage?: New Release
Condition: Brand New

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