IBG Einheitsdiesel Pritschenwagen

Einheitsdiesel (full name: Einheits-Lastkraftwagen) is a German universal truck from World War II. The first copies of this vehicle appeared in the mid-1930s, and serial production continued in 1937-1940. The vehicle was powered by a single 80 HP MAN engine. It is worth noting that many German companies were responsible for the production of this car, for example: Bussing-NAG, Daimler-Benz, FAUN, Vomag and Magirus.

The first work on the Einheitsdiesel truck took place in 1934, when the German armed forces reported a need for a new three-axle truck with a carrying capacity of 2.5 tons. Finally, after a series of tests, a successful truck was created with very good off-road ability, little breakdown, and easy to repair and maintain. The vehicle was also relatively cheap to produce. On the other hand, the truck required careful and careful maintenance and had a suspension that was very prone to breakdowns and damage when transporting loads greater than the permissible load capacity. Especially the last drawback meant that by the end of 1940 the mass production of this car was stopped.

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Manufacturer SKU: 35003
Brand: IBG
Recent Release or Vintage?: New Release
Scale: 1:35
Condition: Great

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